Vegan Traveler

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It is most easy to control your diet when you are preparing your own meals. However, travel or just choosing to go to a restaurant introduces new challenges to maintain a vegan diet. Wither you are looking to go restaurant near home or you are traveling, the challenge is the same. Fortunately, more and more restaurants are offering vegan- friendly a/o vegetarian options. Either of these will work for you. What will not work are any of your favorite fast food stops, sandwich shops, burger shops, sub-shops, etc. Get the message?

Think opportunity!   Step out of your comfort zone and explore new cuisines. Personally, I start with an internet search for vegan friendly restaurants.  Do your search in advance whenever possible. This works at home or on the road. It frequently results with a listing of Indian, Thai or other Asian restaurants. These are all safe bets.  Not your cup of tea; its ok, make another choice.

Ok, you have picked a restaurant. What’s next? Whether you look at menus online, I do, or you are at the restaurant, the process is the same.   You are probably thinking, what is the big deal, I know how to look at a menu. Do you? I see menus differently now.  I see salads and side dishes.  I no longer start with appetizers or generally even consider an entrée.

Careful selection from vegetarian dishes will work. Look to eliminate dishes with dairy or animal proteins and you will be on the vegan pathway.  Do not be afraid to tell your server you are vegan.  More and more kitchens are up to the challenge. If dessert is in your future, think fresh fruit or berries.

Enjoy your travels.