50% Off Health Insurance

The BOUNDforHEALTH PLAN is a health plan that will deliver you health insurance for half the price of conventional health insurance.

Oh and you will be much happier and healthier too.


Because when you change your lifestyle to one that is truly health promoting, you no longer need all those expensive drugs and doctor visits.

How will it work?

BOUNDforHEALTH PLAN is like a Health Share.  All participants share a spiritual sense of the world, in which a more natural existence is the ideal.  We adhere to a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle.  We exercise and practice mindfulness.  We experience the countless health benefits that come along with such a lifestyle.

BOUNDforHEALTH PLAN requires you are all in.  We give you the tools to be successful.  We provide testing to ensure you are achieving the best health that you can.  For those who show they can achieve such a life, we are able to offer this insurance.

What about my family?

Good health is for everyone, not just adults.  We provide tools for kids and adults of all ages to live the best and healthiest life they can.  We fill a major void in our educational system by offering world class nutrition & health education to your kids.  We achieve better health and happiness and school performance by employing the latest science.

When will it happen?

When we have a critical mass of people signed on, we will begin issuing policies.

How can I sign up?

Click here to join our waiting list.  No obligation.