Cure Diabetes!

2018/01/08 18:00:00
Next Cure Diabetes Group Starts Monday, January 8, at 6pm!

Location: First Unitarian Church of Wilmington Delaware

First Floor, Youth Room



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Have you ever heard that type 2 diabetes (adult onset diabetes) is curable?
Here’s how it works…

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Cure Diabetes vs. Traditional Diabetes Management

  • Check Goal: Reverse the damage
  • Check Fix the underlying cause of diabetes
  • Check Less Drugs, Normal Glucose
  • Check Discover a new way of life
  • Check Spend time w/ loved ones in the kitchen
  • X Goal: Slow the damage.
  • Check More drugs to lower sugar
  • Check More Drugs, Diabetic Glucose
  • Check Same old lifestyle, more drugs
  • Check Spend time w/ strangers in waiting rooms

 Why Does It Work?

  • We scour the diabetes research and find the best strategies provided by science.
  • We feed you those strategies in a digestible manner.
  • We help you learn the skills and tastes to lock in the tastes and preferences that will reverse your diabetes over time.
  • You start feeling better within days.

Please join now and transform your life!