Less Fatigue, More Power

Low energy?
Not achieving your full potential?
RestControl uses the latest medical science and tracking technology to discover what is robbing you of your energy.
Here’s how it works…

How Do We Boost Energy?

We know that every person is unique.
There are unique reasons why you do not have ideal energy.
We employ a mind & body approach to address your energy on all levels.

Diet: Research has shown that people are most energetic and productive on a whole foods, plant-based diet.  We help you find superfoods that will supercharge you.  We teach you how to habitually avoid the foods that are stealing your energy.

Activity: We help you find activities that are enjoyable and sustainable.  We seek the win-win and help you identify partners.

Mindfulness: Research has shown that making a connection to your inner psyche can positively affect your energy.  We show you how.

Science: We show you the evidence supporting our approach.  We update our approach as new science emerges.

Technology: Our software is custom-designed for tracking and improving your life.

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